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Market to your own customers

Saturday, January 20, 2018 by Jennie W.
Market to your Existing Customers now more then ever to build Brand Loyalty & Customer Relationships.

Its your most import asset

They are looking for ways to buy what they need while stuck at home & with social distancing in play. Ask them what they need and find it for them add it to your site. Dont guess what they need/want ask them in an email campaign or call and see how they are doing. This is the time the best shine!

Here is some fluff to read on the subject:
Have you ever wondered why some businesses are successful at providing excellent customer experiences while others fail? The answer lies in a database of customers. A database of customers is more than a collection of just names and email addresses. In fact, it's an informational gold mine and perhaps the most valuable asset of your company. However, many small business owners tend to neglect the importance of their existing customer database. Instead, they spend their marketing dollars on attracting new customers. The big "aha" is that it is much easier and cheaper to add-on sales, or increase the frequency of purchases, to your existing client base than it is to find new prospects.

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