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Admin Release Ver. 20:212.20 Notes

Monday, January 2, 2023 by Jennie W.
Change Log & any bug fixes.
  • Vendor Manager (List of Vendors)
    • Change format.
    • Added PO history details.
    • Added Quick Contact Details.
    • Icon appears next to vendor name if that vendor is connected/integrated with a Distributor.
  • Vendor Details
    • Logo of Vendor if connected to Distributor product feed.
    • Field: Country changed from filling field to drop down menu.
    • Field: State changed from fill in field to drop down.
    • On country change page re-loads to pull correct states or provinces.
    • Update to Vendor Stats header.
    • If a vendor is connected to a 'Distributors Datafeed' an extra tab is added called 'Distributor Connection' that has the settings for the given Distributor.
    • Vendor Product list tab has been improved to allow search for products as well as condition and status filters.
    • Approved for Order Automation: setting added
    • Automation Continue: setting added
  • Orders
    • Order List: For Automated Orders Display any failure cause.
    • Order Details: For Automated Orders Display any failure cause.
  • Settings - Automations
    • New settings: Allow Automation to use Hidden Products.
  • Add on's
    • Bug fix to allow adding on additions feeds.

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