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Customer Groups

Wednesday, August 26, 2020 by Jennie W.
You can create different "Customer Groups" for your store. These "Customer Groups" are designed to group customers in to like categories for marketing, retail vs wholesale, school programs, buying groups and so on.

Customer Groups Features:

  • Unique Landing Page
  • Assigned Pricing Level
  • Group Pricing Rules
  • Custom Pricing for given Product or Products
  • Assigned Shipping Level
  • Restricting Products
  • Restricting Categories

These "Customer Groups" can have be assigned a Pricing Level, Group Pricing Rules, Custom Pricing for given Product or Products. This is can be a different pricing structure to your customers based on which customer group they belong to. A common example of customer groups is a retail/wholesale type of set up, where regular customers are able to purchase your products at the regular price, but special customers are able to purchase your products at wholesale prices, provided they belong to that special pricing group. Also Setting up fund raiser Group for a School or Church allowing you to track how many sales came from that Group. Use these groups in Email Marketing campaigns to target Coupons or Specials to a given customer group.

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