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Vendor/Supplier Store Management

A powerful, flexible ecommerce platform that drives results for established and emerging online stores.

One-Click purchase orders: With as little as one click our Order manager will send a PO to your vendor or vendors.

Multi-purchase order's with one click: If an order has more than 1 item you can select to send a PO to one vendor or multiple vendors with one click.

Email or EDI purchase orders: One-Click to Email a PO to any vendor or if your vendor integrates with our API we can send your PO directly to their ERP/Accounting or PO system with no human intervention. This gets your order in there system faster and shipped sooner with no typos.

Multiple vendors and suppliers is the cornerstone of Power-eComemrce. From the beginning we have built a multi-vendor, multi-channel commerce shopping cart system.

Product Vendor list : Screenshot

Unlike other ecommerce platforms Power-eCommerce gives you a True multi-vendor vendor and product management.

One Product can have an unlimited number of vendors giving you a clear view of the best price and availability. Other ecommerce systems so called multi-vendor shopping carts gives you one vendor per product. If you have more than one vendor selling you the same item that item shows on your web site multiple times with different selling prices. Confusing of your customers on what one to buy, so they go someplace else.

  • Multiple Vendors

    Unlimited multi-vendor/suppliers functionality, why limit your business to one vendor for your online store.
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  • Purchase Orders

    Generate Multiple Vendors in one click. Our Purchase Order Management system takes the chore out of placing purchase orders. Every product can be assigned to a vendor or multiple vendors.
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  • Vendor Manager

    The Vendor manager gives you the options needed to manage your vendors and suppliers: PO History, Product, Remove or Hide their products, and more.
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  • Vendor Integrations

    Automation of vendor products in to your web site has never been easier than with Power-eCommerce
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  • Powerful EDI Integrations

  • 1 Click PO Genoration

  • Send PO's by Email or EDI

  • Automated Products from Vendors

  • Automated Costs from Vendors

The most Powerful ecommerce solution that grows with your business.