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Advanced Product Management

Management of Your Online Store's Products is a snap. Our Powerful Web-based admin interface allows you to create, edit and manage products quickly without limiting your options.

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From Multiple Product Images, Unlimited categories, Bulk Import/Export, Multiple vendors, Supplier integrations and much more. We built the software to maximize control and power.

Our most powerful features are the Multi-Vendor and Supplier/Vendor Integrations. See more detail on these features below by clicking on 'More Details' next to each of the features below.

  • Multiple Vendors

    Unlimited multi-vendor/suppliers functionality, why limit your business to one vendor for your online store.
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  • Multiple Product Photos

    Add up to 10 product images giving your customers all the detail they will need to make a purchase.
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  • Product Inventory Options

    There are a number of options to show the customer. In-Stock always, Show inventory #, Show low Stock, always out of stock...)
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  • Real Time Product Inventory

    This is limited to supported vendors/suppliers see the list here.
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  • Product Options

    If you wish to sell products that differ from one another but slightly (e.g. in color or in size), there's no need to create a separate product for each of these variations. Instead, you can add product options.
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  • Product Attributes

    Attributes enable you to differentiate products based on their unique attributes, such as the megapixels of a digital camera, or disk space of a hard drive.
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  • Product Reviews

    Product reviews help build a sense of community, and are considered to be more credible than any advertising money can buy. Google will give sites with product reviews a higher ranking than those without.
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  • Special Price Countdown

    Display a countdown timer on any product page using Special Price Countdown feature. This feature will show the number of days/hours/minutes left for the deal ends.
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  • Vendor Integrations

    Automation of vendor products in to your web site has never been easier than with Power-eCommerce
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  • Pricing Rules

    Updating your sites selling price based on the items cost has never been easier with our Pricing Rules tool.
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The most Powerful ecommerce solution that grows with your business.