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Order Approval Process3

B2B Solution by Power-eCommerce

This Feature is available to customers that are Pro Level 3 or higher.

Order Approval Process

B2B Solution by Power-eCommerce®

Whether the online store is primarily B2C or B2B, having the right tools for customers is the key to a successful online presence. Most online stores have a mix of both B2C and B2B. However, many e-commerce solutions lack some important tools that B2B customers need:

  • Multi ship-to addresses
  • Multi-user login
  • Wishlists
  • Order Approval Process

So, what’s the difference? A customer (in this case a business) arrives on our store, selects products, pays for them, has them shipped to the address provided, and everything works as usual. Why then do we need to define a different process?

Most customers place orders on the website and it's a straightforward, uncomplicated process as they add items to the shopping cart, checkout, and pay. However, many business customers may have multiple users under the same account or may need the user that places the order to have that order approved by one or more managers before it is authorized to be processed. The "Order Approval Process" that is built into Power-eCommerce solves this need.

We have invested to provide B2B solutions for our Power-eCommerce clients understanding that B2B models have different needs to B2C. We provide a number of solutions to support these needs.


B2B: Multi-User functionality is standard for all Power-eCommerce clients and accommodates our B2B clients who require a "company" account serving different users with each one assigned different responsibilities. The person who needs the product and places the order but needs the purchasing department or/and manager to approve the order. Each user needs a different level of permission this functionality is fully supported by the Multi-User module.

B2C: B2C clients can take advantage of the Multi-User module by having one account but assigning multiple sub-users for each family member. Each of these users can have the same functionality as a B2B customer if needed.

Order Approval Process

B2B: The Order Approval Process has been developed to support the needs of B2B clients to place an order, then allow the employer, purchasing department, or manager to seamlessly approve or disapprove the order with one click. The person who ultimately needs the product can browse the store and place their order. Then that order is sent to be approved or disapproved through a hierarchy system based on pre-determined budgets and other options.

B2C: If a B2C customer wants to use the Order Approval functionality it is available to them as well. In conjunction with multi-users, they can assign a family member as an approver with their children's orders requiring approval from a parent. This can be useful for managing an elderly parent as well.

Approval Options:

  • No Approval need for a user & no limits
  • All orders need approval
  • . Set limits on a user with the following control options:
    • All order need approval
    • Oo Only if pre-set limits are exceeded do orders need approval
    • o No approval needed but cannot exceed pre-set limits

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