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Ecommerce Automation

Workflow Automation solutions for Ecommerce.

What Is Workflow Automation

Our ecommerce workflow automation is a way for businesses to streamline their processes.

The central premise is to identify repetitive tasks or any manual process that could be better handled by software, apps, or technology. You then take those tasks out of your employees hands. Rather than wasting valuable staff-hours, you get the same jobs done automatically.

There are processes across all departments of your business that can be automated. From inventory management to email marketing, order automation, product management and more. Ecommerce automation can improve processes across the board.

Why Use Workflow Automation for your Ecommerce Site?

As a business owner or manager, you need to understand and become an expert in numerous business processes. There are three main ways in which workflow automation can help you to do so.

  • Efficiency
  • Many ecommerce tasks are mundane and repetitive. It doesn't make them any less essential.

    What it does mean, however, is that if a human must do them, they're tremendously time-consuming. Take order management, for instance. That area of your business may require a lot of data entry. You may also need to send dispatch emails to customers, create purchase orders and confirm those purchase orders were received. Our order management software can automate the entire process.

    Repetitive tasks create bottlenecks in your operations. Rather than have work progress smoothly, it slows to a crawl as the time-intensive jobs get done. A workflow automation solution can open up those bottlenecks. The mundane tasks get automated and completed in far less time. You'll then see an uptick in efficiency across your organization.

  • Accuracy
  • In ecommerce, lots of data gets generated. Order details, customer information, and stock numbers are just a few examples. To keep things running smoothly, your business must enter and store the data in a variety of systems. Before ecommerce automation, all data had to be inputted and shared by hand.

  • Productivity
  • You might feel a little worried that what we've described so far is a way to put your staff out of a job. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

    Automation tools let you get the most from workers, and use them as productively as possible. Workflow automation is about superior business process management (BPM), not laying off workers.

    When you automate crucial but repetitive processes, staff can focus on other things. They can give their attention to tasks that need intelligence and personal service. Automation gives them more time to design new products or generate new sales. It frees them up to nurture relationships or interact with customers. Your business productivity, therefore, will rise considerably.

Ecommerce Automation Levels

Ecommerce workflow automation can help automate repeatable processes or manual tasks. Here are a few examples of what we currently offer as a client of Power-eCommerce:

Level 1 Automation:
  • Inventory Updates
  • Automated Inventory updates with supported vendors. See the list of Distributors & Vendors here.

  • Product Updates from Vendors
  • Automated product updates including adding new products offered by supported vendors.See the list of Distributors & Vendors here.

  • Tracking Numbers
  • Automated importing of tracking numbers from supported vendors including customer notifications.

  • Vendor and supplier onboarding
  • Our automated distributor import and categorization is our biggest time saver. Click for Supported Distributors.

  • Purchase Order management
  • Level 1 automations, offers a one click purchase order generation from your order manager sending and confirming the purchase orders acceptance( from supported vendors/distributors).

  • Auto Charge customer credit card
  • Automated charging of the customers credit card at the time the order is placed, based on your settings.

Level 2 Automation:
  • All Level 1 Automations
  • All of the Level 1 Automations are included for Level 2 Automations.

  • Reach out to negative reviews
  • Customers who leave feedback unprompted are more likely to offer negative reviews. Its human nature to register dissatisfaction more readily than contentment. When your firm does get a negative review, its vital that you respond. Doing so shows the complainant and other customers that you care about solving problems.
    Automation ensures that no negative review will slip through the cracks. You can establish an automated process that identifies all reviews with two stars or fewer. You can then have the reviews automatically referred to a customer service team member. Bad product reviews are different from bad company reviews.

  • Abandoned Cart Notifications
  • Most people who add products to ecommerce carts don't go on to buy them. According to the Baymard Institute, close to 70% of shopping carts get abandoned. That's a lot of customers you're missing out on. Abandoned cart emails are a proven way to win some of them back. Emails get sent automatically, based on your settings, to try to bring the customer back. An excellent thing about this process is that the messages is personalized. The email can reference the products they added and help encourage them to buy.

Level 3 Automation:
  • All Level 1 & 2 Automations
  • All of the Level 1 & 2 Automations are included for Level 3 Automations.

  • Order Process fully Automated.
  • End to End processing of a customer's order. Automation does the full process of a customer's order, from processing payment to checking the supply chain to generating the purchase order to inform the customer the order is being processed to updating the tracking number and informing the customer by email or SMS the order is on its way with the tracking number embedded.

  • Order Approvals to Automated Order
  • If you are using the "Order Approval" process with your customers you can have those orders also Automated.

  • Send reminders for customers to reorder
  • Automate a workflow to send reminder emails at precisely the right time. That way, customers will get nudged into buying from you again. You could even consider including a discount code or offer to seal the deal.

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