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Distributor Integrations Connections

Product & Vendor Integrations. Products, Orders, Inventory, price, purchase order & Tracking data.

Integrations & Automations

If you are a reseller with any of the dozens of distributors we connect with, power your business with auto-updates on price, products, purchase order, order tracking and inventory from one or multiple distributors in one powerful platform.

Distributor Integrations
Here are the current list of Distributors, DropShipers, Suppliers or Product Vendors.

What is Vendor/Distributor Integration?

Distributor integration is using software to automatically incorporate distributors and distribution data into the rest of your eCommerce website. This software helps the business community by enabling them to monitor the distribution business. The software is so powerful that it integrates all areas of distribution including wholesale networks, assembly segments, and accounting. The distribution integration software can greatly help your business by monitoring distribution, automating standard processes, making data available in real time, and ensuring that information and orders are correct across all platforms.

Inventory Updates

Keeping all your products new and existing with the latest inventory numbers from each of your suppliers. Whether there is one supplier or many this automated process keeps your inventory numbers up to date. (Some products have more than one supplier and we manage this as well, we are a true multi-vendor solution)

Cost & Selling Price

Your product costs automatically updated. When your costs are updated it very important to update your products selling price. Using our automated system with the pricing rules you have setup your selling costs are updated keeping your store profitable fresh.

PO Integration

This advanced supply chain integration technology makes purchase order's(PO) a one click process. Automated purchase order's Processing is also available. If your supplier is integrated with us the PO is sent to them via API or EDI(electronically) to the supplier. This process puts the PO directly in their order management system avoiding errors. If they don't support this the PO can also be emailed to them with the same one click or automated if you have this option.

Product Automation

Our Product integration technology takes base supplier product data and integrates it with your Store's database and elevates it to a new level of quality. If needed you are free to make all the changes you want to this product data once it has been added to your store. You may of course add your own products as well.

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