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Customer Features & Management

The Customer Manager has a number of powerful features and options. A few are Custom pricing, Price levels, custom sales tax or exempt from sales tax, Payment options, Shipping levels and many others.

Customer Admin Screenshot

Customers MyAccount Page

  • Custom Sales Tax

  • Price Levels

  • Multiple Ship to Addresses

    A customer can have Multiple Ship-To-Addresses for easy shipping to Multiple locations or offices. These addresses are managed by the customer in there "MyAccount" area after logging in.
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  • Pricing Levels

    Your customers can be assigned a price level from your Standard Pricing (default) or a Price Level (1...10).
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  • Custom Pricing

    Offer Customer Specific Pricing on any item/product. This powerful option can be used to give a customer(s) their own price on a given item. (different than price levels)
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  • Net Terms Checkout

    If you give a customer approval for a Net Terms account in there customer file then they can checkout with or without using a credit card
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  • Custom Pricing by Customer

  • One Click/Buy Now

  • Product Subscriptions

  • Customer accounts

    Encourage repeat shopping by enabling customer account creation at checkout. Your customers can also check out as a guest without creating an account.

  • Custom Shipping Levels

    Customers can be assigned a Custom Shipping Level based on Static shipping tables. This will override the standard shipping you have setup for your site. Great option for customers or businesses that order a lot.
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  • Export Customers

    Export your customers from the Power-eCommerce admin and import them in to your accounting system or other software.
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  • Import Customers

    Export you current customers from your current ecommerce platform or accounting system and import them in to your new Power-ecommerce web site.
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  • Wishlist / Quick Order

    Wishlists and QuickOrder Forms they are basically the same except that can save multiple wishlists/QuickOrder forms for any reason like ordering for more than one office or location.
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  • Unlimited Customers

    There is no limit on the number of customers in your database.
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